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Express palletised delivery within 24 European countries via a network of over 400 dedicated logistics members through a variety of services including AM delivery, timed delivery, evening delivery and all fully tracked via our industry leading cloud based technology. They deliver within 24 - 72 hours depending on location.

DJ reviewed Palletways online stating that "Item damaged and damage hidden by couriers! Item damaged because of pickup failure. Rewrapped by couriers but they now claim it was not covered for damage as we signed for it, although they had hidden the damage! Will now have to go via County Court. Absolutely awful customer service."


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Disponent Nightshift & Staplerfahrer (Former Employee) says

"Kann man nicht empfehlen! Cons: Alles!"

Administración y gestión (Former Employee) says

"Gente déspota y envidiosa además de vaga que no aprecian el trabajo"

Delivery and Collection Driver (class 1&2) says

"I was made redundant by palletways Birmingham your job is not safe at this place. The management are unprofessional and you are just another driver at palletways. I had a feeling my job was on the line I asked several times if I need to be worried about my role every time I was told no. The person who ultimately made the decision couldn’t even face me to tell me shows you the level of respect they have for the drivers. If the router doesn’t like you he will make your life as hard as possible and will purposely give you the worst drops and do the complete opposite to any advice you give to try improve your run. Very unprofessional place if you want be spoken to and treated like a child this is the place to work. The company advertise 15/20 drops and collections a day which is very inaccurate. The least drops you’ll have is 15 and around 7 collections minimum Cons: Management, hours, work load, wages"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Office ran like a shambles! No communication whatsoever. Expect a driver to work miracles like getting from a destination half hour away in 5 minutes then when you do get to the place of collection they’ve already sent 3 other trucks there!! Warehouse manager acts like a 5 year old, offering people out for fights and throwing rubbish in a truck because he couldn’t be bothered to do his job! They have no idea with locations and scatter you round the place just to go back to the same location you’ve just been to. And don’t dare refuse any collections even if your 2 hours after your finish time because management won’t speak to you for weeks and slate you down to other colleagues. Other drivers are a laugh. Unless your a yes man the company won’t be interested. Full of false promises with bonuses ect. And if you have a family crisis don’t expect any sympathy or anything less than are you still coming to work whilst your Mrs is in hospital! Cons: Awful management"

FLT Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Palletways for a number of months. During this time I successfuly completed a 13 week probationary period without any issues or mentions. Cons: Unfair dismissal, weak inexperienced managment, 4am start with no premium, No uniform provided, unsanitary canteen/toilets with no sanitizer provided"

FLT Driver/Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Very rude mangerment I a vast experience flt driver B2 license some 20years, there's no health safety there at all horrible facilities very rude staff lost of brown noses there Cons: Avoid at all costs"

warehouse operative (Former Employee) says

"i worked for this company for a short period of time as an agency worker and I found it to be Cons: too many to mention"

Driver class 2 (Former Employee) says

"Poor management team, they don't care about your health and safety, when they demand you to unload a 800 kg pallet from the lorry whit a manual pallet truck. Cons: They don't care about your health"

Van Driver warehouse operative (Former Employee) says

"Well, if bad management was an award, I'm sure the owner of this branch would have won year in, year out. The problem with Palletways is that its not a company but a group of privately owned separate companies so there is no upper management to complain to, the owner of each company is where it stops and if you work for a bad manager, then you're screwed... I couldn't get out of this job quick enough. Cons: Long hours, poor pay, no grievence policy, bad management, terrible owner, the list goes on"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"It was an agency that called me about the job, Was told at the interview it does take a good 6 months plus training as there is a lot of information that you need to take onboard. Was given a start date then the agency rang me a few days before that date to say that the board had decided to put a ban on recruitment. Luckily for me I started the week after, Management was really please with my progress I booked a days holiday for the agency rang me to say that the “Manager” had rang to say that I wasn’t picking it up as quick as they would have liked me to and they said that they didn’t want me to go back Cons: All the office staff are feed you a load of s...and don’t really give you any training"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The team were the reason my job was made a little easier as they maintained the laughter and supported each other. Although some management were unfair. However, long hours made it tough and short lunches were harder. Cons: Long Hours, rubbish pay"

Class 2 Driver (Former Employee) says

"It was a shambles working here. You would get your delivery sheet of drops you had to do, but if your held up by other things or couldn’t deliver your drops your made to carry out resulting in long delays! The trucks couldn’t get down some of the roads resulting in non delivery of drops and reversing in some dangerous situations. When you simply explain to management they say ok just leave it to find it’s on your next days delivery. The wage is bad for the area and type of work and they are not the best payers. The management don’t support you and sit in the office like you owe them the world and when your needing help, we you can’t rely on them. So if you want unrealistic deliveries, long hours, poor management and a low wage then go for it! Cons: Long hours, poor management, unrealistic deliveries, low wage."

AP Administrator (Former Employee) says

"My typical day at this company involved a lot of problem solving and customer/supplier queries. I learnt how to prioritise and work well with my time management. I also learnt how to work well under pressure and how to multitask."

HGV 2 Driver (Former Employee) says

"This is a biased review as I just didn't like the job, no-one's ever happy to see you and the office staff treated you like some kind of a ham robot programmed to meet their deadlines."

Admin Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Ok place to work. Busy place but not much input from managers. have some laughs with other people. Very few rewards. Wages ok but could reward experienced people."

Customer Service Account Handler (Current Employee) says

"little chance of progression but secure job and a generally good place to work"

Forklift truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"refreshing helpful energy the uysual day is very very very very very calm trust me you will like it why not try to apply for yhe job pal I know people"

Waleed says

"The worst carrier we have worked with, 3 out of 4 times we have used them, they failed us and next day deliveries were delayed for days, customer service staff are indifferent and could not care less. Consignments get stuck on different hubs and you as a customer are expected to follow up with every depot to get your consignment moving through the chain. Every depot will blame another location and the company as a whole does not seem to have any control on its logistic chain."

george bridges says

"What ever you do in this life make sure you don't trust palletways ruined even by covid terms Christmas shocking firm"

Jay Jay says

"Just try to do anything you can and dont use them, they are terrible; storing your items for days before you get it and this only after you call the supplier. Waiting for them to come for days like we have nothing else to do....I just wish some companies do not use them anymore"

Jane Hurley says

"They are a disaster. Waiting weeks for a delivery, the company purchased from rang them every day and were told delivery would be made by the end of that day. 2 weeks later still waiting. They are always told call ahead with and they call when they are already here saying they don't have time to wait and can they leave delivery somewhere more convenient for them."

Mr Stephen Neighbour says

"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !! Palletways business model is to use multiple smaller courier companys that all 'belong' to the Palletways 'hub' network. When things go wrong, like my consignment that never arrived at its destination NO ONE wants to take responsibility and each depot company blames another depot in the network. My consignment was finally declared 'lost' and I was then told to submit a 'claim' the problem is that irrespective of the real value of your consignment (mine was GBP 850.00) they will ONLY pay for the loss based on the weight (and it's THEIR valuation of the weight NOT yours !!) For my consignment of £850.00 they have offered £400 based on weight which is quite honestly pathetic, and they cite THEIR terms and conditions, so I am left out of pocket by GBP 450.00 with absolutely NO RECOURSE to recover my losses, as always with these companies it is the LITTLE GUY who suffers. I have learnt a hard and unpleasant lesson, and will NEVER EVER use Palletways again !!!"

J Foster says

"Terrible don't turn up when booked Then lie about it They're even worse when you use pallet2ship Just ignorant lazy waste of space"

Amy says

"Horrendous customer service. Delivery guy left my delivery of over 1000 tiles on the road side and left me to carry these in 1 box at a time. He refused to bring them to my doorway so I had to spend almost an hour taking in box after box"

Moru says

"so bad company destroyed parcel on the way. my table saw i totally destroyed by this company. one driver didn't strap properly on trier and destroyed my items JUST AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!"

Iris says

"Very poor unprofessional service, impatient delivery driver dropping of items from victoria plumbing. If i had a choice i wouldn't use their service again. Wont recommend Ivy"

Promi says

"Extremely poor service and unprofessional. I'm actually shocked! I had a heavy deliver of really big tiles (1.6m x 0.8m) and he was refusing to leave it on the kerb when he could have easily done that as he did that last time after me having to request it so much. So he has now left this on the road?! This is hazardous to cars and he didn't want to understand that nor did the company. The company is just willing to cause drivers have accidents. I'm not surprised by the bad reviews on here and it seems that the company shouldn't exist as they're not capable of doing deliveries. He was rude and was laughing and just drove off. This company should be sued if so many people are writing bad reviews. @palletways sure, I hope you will investigate this and will speak to the driver as this was unacceptable. The barcode number is: B0018CE631"

Thomas Shann says

"I recently returned a shower screen to the original company. Palletway delivered the shower screen originally. However charged me more than what a paid for the original shower screen. secondly the told me i had underpaid for the delivery and left my package out in the rain whilst i made the payment."

Imtiaz Khan says

"Very bad, rude, unkind and unhelpful service! Driver left pallet of heavy floor tiles 60 meters away from my house by the kerb. He refused to drive his truck on my tarmac drive to my house (which was big enough) as he didn’t feel comfortable to drive down my driveway. He then refused to use his electric pallet truck either as ‘his battery would die’. I even said he could recharge if needed but he outright refused. Just dumped them and said it was a kerb side delivery only whereas the company I ordered my tiles from said the company would drop them to the front of my house. I had no one to help me, had a limp due to a left ankle injury and the driver couldn’t care less. Disgraceful service!! It would’ve taken him 10 seconds to just move the pallet to my front door. You should be ashamed."

Rachael Marsh says

"Agree with other reviewers. Terrible service. Left my item on the road, not even on the pavement and refused to help me move it to my front door. Was on my own and item was very heavy so I was completely stuck. Driver was very rude and said their policy is curb delivery but I was not told this in advance so no chance to organise someone to be with me to help more items. Also it's just unkind."

Cristian says

"Delivery service is disgusting. I would give this - 5, as 1star is waaay too kind. Attitude of the company (the driver and manager i ve spoken to) is deplorable, unhelpful, and aparently in their view, leaving the pallet on the road or the parking lot means that they deliver. The manager i ve spoken to, said that is how palletways works."

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